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It’s rather like giving someone a compliment whilst punching them in the face. The media coverage is embarrassing – the Dianafication of this event is detracting from what should be one family’s private grief. The fundamental problem is too many journalists chasing too few stories, trying to fill the BBC schedules 24 hours a day. How many times is the news broadcast by the BBC every day, over its various outlets? I hope that this young girl is returned to her family but surely the focus and energy being spent on relaying and supporting this story could be focused elsewhere to help many many more worthy causes.

  • Where she was the ‘People’s Princess’ Madeleine appears to be the ‘People’s daughter’, a channel through which to express an outrage and concern that might otherwise be blocked.
  • But in order to do this we need to know that the media will keep the story in the public eye.
  • If Madeleine is still alive it is up to us as a society to stay vigilant, afterall she is only 4 years old.
  • Let the police get on with their jobs and stop perpetuating the myth that because it is all over the news, everyone cares more about one thing than another.

There must be somewhere an outlet for serious, rational news and comment about affairs that have serious and lasting effects on the human population in general. I’d suggest that the flagship news programme for a major national broadcaster is one such place. I also hope that the police learn many lessons from this as they seemed to have made a number of vital mistakes.

Surely people think of that when they see the news not the fact that there is too much coverage. It is down to the sheer determination of the family to bring Maddie back that is keeping this in the public eye. What is most ironic is that this is a case where we are less likely to see the missing child because she wasn’t taken from this country.

But why do we have to limit ourselves – anyone interested in the news will be up-to-date with developments across the continents. Maybe it would be different if our resources were low, but I really don’t feel that this is the case. I would be interested to see how this would have been approached if the story concerned an unemployed single parent out for dinner while his/her children were left alone, rather than attractive medical professionals. I have only read the last 10 or so postings form the 100+ that are on here, but most seem to be quite scathing of the coverage.

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The question last night about ‘ what would Mr McCann be doing in the UK in the 24 hour visit? ‘ was simply inane- it is as if we have a need to eat,sleep, walk with these people. What will happen when the media circus departs- and the Mark Warner complex offering the staff counselling- we need to see things in proportion again.

Having 2 children myself i cannot bear to imagine the fear that Madeleine and her family have suffered. Certainly it has raised awareness that there are children suffering What is Exscudo at the hands of peodophiles, child abuse and simply deprevation all over the world. Perhaps more childrens charities will profit due to peoples raised compassion.

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Unfortunately, the BBC have no choice but to cover it if the public interest is there, regardless of the fact it is public interest generated by the over-exciteable media. I think that the BBC has balanced their telling of this story rather well. Yes, it needs to be covered when there are genuine developments, however rolling coverage of speculation is no good for anyone and would eventually back-fire on the family. If you have the same amount of coverage to the closure of a special needs school, you’d interpret the resultant hype as a genuine interest in the story.

  • The war in Iraq, for example, is an ongoing affair, with British and other soldiers getting killed, and everyone looking for a way out.
  • Even in the context, I was astonished that such unsubstantiated drivel was passed without so much as a whimper.
  • Will sir richard branson and the others who donated millions also put a ransom on all the other missing girls who are not as blonde, as attractive, and not as middle class as maddy.
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  • If your coverage of this was extensive for the first three or four days, then eased off signficantly, this would be fair enough.

Let Gordon Brown wait his turn, i.e., when he is more important than a missing little girl. The media circus around it is a bigger story and one the BBC can’t ignore, even though sometimes I feel it is in bad taste. Personally I don’t think this web-site or indeed BBC World on TV have gone over board in their coverage.

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Serious lesons need to be leared with this, it has already started a re think with the law on a world wide scale. And will i hope bring about changes to the human rights laws of the portuguese polices, the rest of the world. That poor girl has been abducted and her life is being wasted i feel really sorry for her. Elly above really needs to get over her single-minded obsession with the Madeleine McCann affair. There are so many missing children all over the world, to say nothing of all the cruelty and poverty around.

The only people who should dealing with this are Madelines parents, who should have never left her or her siblings alone for no matter how short a time, they as Doctors should know how little time is required for a child to come to harm. I have a little daughter who looks very much like Madeline. I have been appalled by her abduction and feel very much that this could have happened to any one of us. I admire the way that the McCann family are handling this whole affair.

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While you say that you have tried to satisfy «the genuine interest among a huge portion of our audience» – I can’t help but feel that it is you the BBC who have created this interest. If the media had treated this sensibly and given a proportionte response then I strongly doubt that the «genuine interest» written about would have existed. This was indeed vital information that our police would would have released to the public as soon as possible.

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Yes, I genuinely feel very, very sorry for the parents and of course for the poor child. Personally, I have been grateful of the news coverage via the Internet by the BBC regarding Madeleine. I live in Spaain, do not have a TV nor listen to the radio. I sincerely hope that you have some ‘good’ news to report soon. I find it hard to believe that anyone would complain about the lead coverage given to the disappearance of Madeleine – this story should lead the news every evening – followed by the story of Alan Johnson – who should not be forgotten.

Well done – I don’t think there has been excessive news coverage about this poor little girl and her family. We tune into the news to hear if there are any developments every day. Frankly most people in the UK are sick to death of the Brown/Blair business and wish they’d just shut up and get on with it. What frustrates me personally is that Madeline is clearly not the only missing child in the UK, or around the world at the moment. What about sharing some of the media coverage to some of the other missing people – asking other parents how they coped etc.

I for one want to enjoy my stay in Luz and this far down the line do not want to have constant reminders and sightings of them around the pool or going to the local church. Let Luz move on, for the sake of the Locals and future holiday makers. As others have said, I really hope Madeline is found and my sympathy goes out to the family. I think the level of reporting has been over the top, but I don’t blame the parents for using every contact they can.

They have to have hope and if that means they have to turn the world upside down then so be it for them. I am really sorry to hear that Madeline Mccann is still not to be seen, it is a real upsetting time. It has been a while now and there is still no news about the poor 4 year old girl who had been taken from her own apartment in portugal. On the day that 25 innocent people were killed in Pakistan by a terrorist bomb, what was your top story? «No new developments in the Madeleine case,» yes lets go live to Portugal to hear from our correspondent about this all important story! What about the fact that 700 children in the UK have been reported missing since Madeleine disappeared?

Wearing ribbons and making statements about how sorry you feel is also not going to change the outcome in the slightest. Sadly, you seem to have fallen into the trap of assuming that it must be a story, because everyone else is covering it constantly. It’s a missing girl, who might or might not have been kidnapped – the sort of thing which happens all the time. This is only news because the girl’s pretty, the McCanns are sufficiently media-savvy to make it a story, and lots of journalists spotted a mediterranean break on expenses. Other children have gone missing in the past when media have «given up» on them and stop highlighting the efforts to find them.

Please do not stop the coverage and only when she is found should the media bow out gracefully and leave the family in peace. This has done nothing to help the hunt for the poor girl concerned. Based on your comments in the blog about the lack of complaints about the absolutely disproportional coverage of the Madeleine McCann story, I regret deeply not having complained sooner. Everybody has their own ideas on what constitutes a news worthy story – and on a national level stories can be even more controversial.

While «surfing» and as a regular reader of the BBC news website, I was amazed by some of the comments from your correspondents. Some people will complain about anything, looking on the bright side, thank goodness I don’t work or live alongside such unpleasant people. I don’t think there has been too much coverage about this story – perhaps too much speculation. If everybody is to remember that this child is missing, we need to make sure they remember what she looks like.

Or even «I’m doing what’s been dictated to me by my bosses». We don’t expect you to come out with a socially divisive statement that you have acted against your own instincts, but some acknowledgement that we non-children are making a valid point would be polite, to say the least. We should also keep in mind that sometimes the law is actually very wise, if in the UK it is illegal to leave children under a certain age unattended, it’s precisely to avoid situations like this. I really hope Madeleine is found alive and well soon, but to all the British media, including the BBC.

It is not – as some people and worryingly some commentators seem to think – to provide a public information/crime solving service. I think the story for missing madeleine, should continue full pelt ahead, and should never be dropped, untill she comes home again. A child is priceless to any caring parent, and nothing in this world will stop them looking for her, i just hope they find her. I thought i read somewhere that madeleine had a bleeding iris, if this is true this hould be made VERY public as it could be used in a discription for her, and people would make an effort to look more closely at a child abroad. Just how dare anyone complain about too much coverage of any child who goes missing.

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