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When price reversed, the -DMI crossed above the +DMI, and ADX rose again to measure the strength of the downtrend. When the +DMI is above the -DMI, prices are moving up and ADX measures the strength of the uptrend. The figure is an example of an uptrend reversing to a downtrend. When the price reversed, the -DMI crossed above the +DMI, and ADX rose again to measure the strength of the downtrend.


  • But it still confirms that this reversal isn’t a correction but a major bullish trend transitioning into a bearish one.
  • A large number of traders are trend followers, despite the fact that markets only trend a very small portion of time.
  • Are you interested in learning about the unique properties of the ADX indicator system?
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Auxiliary lines (+DI, -DI) show the trend direction, and the main line determines its strength. You can add horizontal levels to the same window to define the overbought and oversold zones. However, use it in combination with other indicators to take more robust trading decisions and achieve more consistent results. It’s also reasonable to explore the opinion of industry experts as well as constantly research the market to try to predict the asset’s future performance. The main aim of using the ADX is to only focus on trading qualified opportunities in trending markets. This is why it is important to watch out for crossovers of the +DI and –DI lines.

How I Would Setup Trading (If I Could Start Over)

The noted suggests a patient holding strategy, as well. The stochastic oscillator and MACD are already a popular pairing because of their complementary roles in analyzing trade opportunities. The ADX also lacks clear guidance in terms of signals to use when exiting a position. In forex trading, there’s ample logic behind the rhyme “the trend is your friend.” Trading in the direction of a strong trend both minimizes your risk and increases your potential profit. Of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

directional indicator

On the example below, we see an upmove in the price that starts six entire periods before the ADX line rises above 25, the criterion for a strong trend worth trading. Once you have become familiar with this ADX trading strategy and are confident with its limitations and its strengths, give it a test in real-time. Look for support from other indicators, and do not fret if false alerts occur. No indicator system is perfect, but the ADX indicator can provide the edge needed to win consistently in the forex market. The following trading system is for review purposes only.

When +DI and -DI crosses, it indicates that a trend reversal is occurring. The trend is turning bullish if +DI is crossing above -DI; similarly, the trend is turning bearish if -DI is crossing above +DI. It will be a case of a particularly strong trend if a cross occurs when the ADX line is also going up.

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The two oscillators complement each other perfectly and compensate for each other’s weak points. Apply the indicator to the chart of the needed currency pair. The main index line has been removed to avoid making the ADX momentum chart look cluttered. During the divergence, you can see the strengthening trend, its movement is getting more powerful – there are changes in the slope angle. The point that the arrow points to is where the +DI and -DI lines swapped.

  • Now, it’s time to focus on the catalyst that will trigger our sell signal for the best ADX strategy.
  • ADX belongs to the broader group of trend-following indicators.
  • Finally, your chart setup should have at the bottom both the ADX and RSI indicator.
  • The indicator is based on a moving average of price range expansion over a given period of time.

Swing trading with the ADX indicator is a lot easier because after all the trend strength indicator works better for position trading. The numbers we see on our trading platform are sufficient to determine if volume exist in that specific pair and in that current market condition. If you use the ADX indicator, you probably know better than to get involved in the move to the upside. Shortly after this move was made, the market rolled right back over. This was a good warning for the trader to stay out in general.

The creator of the index suggested using the D1 interval. On intervals like M5-M15, the oscillator produces too many false signals because of price noise. The dotted lines are the additional +DI and -DI lines; the solid one is the ADX line.

How to trade the ADX: a simple rule

How to Add MT4 IndicatorsMetaTrader 4 comes with several built-in and custom indicators to boost your trading strategy. How to Use Forex Market Sentiment IndicatorsSentiment indicators in the forex market indicate extremely volatile market conditions. If after a newly created signal another opposite crossover happens within a short period of time, the original signal should be disregarded and position protected soon or closed.

Conversely, ADX readings above 25 typically indicate that the trend is strong enough to warrant trading in the direction of the current trend. ADX values above 40 are considered strong, and any readings that surpass 50 are considered extremely strong. When the trend is strong, trading with the trend has the greatest profit potential. ADX values help traders identify the strongest and most profitable trends to trade. The values are also important for distinguishing between trending and non-trending conditions. Many traders will use ADX readings above 25 to suggest that the trend is strong enough for trend-trading strategies.

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While long term trend followers only hope to capture a few trends a year, they are always anticipating that once-in-a-lifetime market rally. TheADX Forex Trading Strategy is based on the forex indicator called the Average Directional Index . Wilder suggests that a strong trend is present when ADX is above 25 and no trend is present when below 20. 73.05% of investors lose money when trading CFDs with FXCM Enhanced Execution and pricing. The information provided herein is for general informational and educational purposes only.

Standard deviation indicator

The Average Directional Index, or ADX, is a trend indicator that is used to quantify the strength of a trend. It is plotted as a single line with a value between 0 and 100. Unlike other trend indicators the ADX is non-directional, meaning it simply register the strength of the trend, not whether it is an up-trend or a down-trend. In order to indicate whether prices are moving higher or lower the ADX Indicator is plotted with the +DMI and –DMI lines from which the ADX is derived. First, the daily up and down moves are added to calculate the positive and negative directional movements.


All readings of ADX which are below 20 suggest a weak and unclear trend, while readings above 20 indicate that a trend has picked up. ADX staying below 20 level — there is no trend or the trend is weak. Figuring out what is MACD & how to use the Moving Average Convergence Divergence indicator to make a profit.

In such markets, buy orders are placed off support areas, while sell orders are placed off resistance areas. The directional movement is expressed as a percentage and represents the difference between normalized values. The average directional movement index is then obtained from directional movement using exponential average and ratios.

Calculating the Average Directional Movement Index (ADX)

Assess the position of the main indicator line relative to the positive and negative directional movement lines. As you can see from the screenshot, a flat occurs at the divergence of moving averages. As soon as the Alligator lines begin to diverge, we check the oscillator signals and open a trade on the candle indicated by the red arrow.

positive and negative

The gray horizontal dotted line corresponds to the 23.3 level. 20-25% is the signal zone, and if the indicator line exits it, you need to look for signals. In both situations, if the blue is moving upward from 25%, it’s a signal of a trend. Some sources refer to the 0-25% zone as the violet range conditions. This is true for currency pairs that have relatively low liquidity.

The high-risk one is based on setting stops at a 30-point distance and holding the trade for more than one day. Despite all the conditions being met, a trade would’ve been closed with a stop. It’s not the end of the world; losses would be recouped through other transactions. All conditions are met, the trade would’ve been profitable.

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Successively higher ADX peaks indicate increasing momentum, whereas successively lower peaks suggest decreasing momentum. When the resulting two trend lines form opposite trajectories, it indicates a divergence between the ADX momentum and price. Like any indicator, the ADX should be combined with price analysis and potentially other indicators to help filter signals and control risk. Conversely, it is often hard to see when price moves from trend to range conditions. ADX shows when the trend has weakened and is entering a period of range consolidation.

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